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sasas Apr 13
Are natural ways to get rid of pests is always of great importance so that despite the beauty of the summer, and the beauty of his late nights and unmolested, but this summer a lot of trouble, and most of these troubles, the emergence and spread of insects in homes of these insects, cockroaches, bugs, mosquitoes, ants, where in the House here and there and bother the residents of the House, mosquitoes, for example human bother sting, causing annoying itching, human poisoning may occur if pregnant for some types of microbes affecting humans, cockroaches, It looks disgusting, sickening, human caused annoyance felt revulsion at seeing her, in addition to nimble, hiding in tight spaces of the House, fearing that eradicate, not to mention predatoct on food and drink, and we don't know exactly where it was before entering the House, perhaps in one of the contaminated areas, such as sewage or other unhealthy places. And insect eradication order may become difficult and cumbersome, because the control does not come with the result we got rid of them, we may use certain types of pesticides for insect eradication, they disappear for a few days and then return, ants, for example, of insects that have eliminated, we fight it, but it comes back, the whereabouts of sugar or bread or any kind of food you like, causing discomfort and boredom of those pesky insects and reside in many markets insecticides to eliminate bugs in The House, it is dangerous especially if existing in house kids, faulting the child and licks this insecticide when published in corners and corners of the House, causing danger to the life of a child, or Allah forbid sometimes causes some spray pesticides to some toxic substances, causing danger to our lives, young and old. Learn natural ways to get rid of insects home: we will review some natural ways to get rid of the bugs home, without resorting to chemicals, hazardous substances on health and the environment alike, natural material that doesn't work won't hurt, and keep a girlfriend for us and for our health and our environment, the most important of these insects that we can eliminate them using materials of the following: ways to get rid of mosquitoes -Months nuisance insects in summer, and are heavily into planting places, water, animal husbandry, and are troublesome because its sting is strong, that cause us continuous itching, leading to scrape the skin and blood, of the best natural ways to get rid of them is to use the Mint boiled or soaked for an hour or more, and then filtered and put it in a machine, and sprinkle the House, is as good a perfumed weather Minty, same good time to throw out the law, since law hates the smell of mint, we have hit two birds with one stone One. -Ads-[icon type = "link" size = "28 ″ float =" right "color =" #045fbe "] read more: getting rid of mosquitoes or gnats ways to get rid of flies:-irritating insects, you bored is reverberating around the voice spam, waving your hand to fire her so many times, but the vulnerable memory makes it back to the same place that fired him, and if you open the Windows and doors of your home on hot summer days, they take advantage of the opportunity and go home, wishing to find a venue colder than outside, but they annoy sitting predatoct on food and drink and people themselves, To get rid of flies in natural ways you mention some:-get a lemon and cut it in half, and then slip into the lemon some nails cloves, we put them in the kitchen, or where flies, they leave the place for hate her to smell lemon and clove. Put some aromatic plants in the kitchen and the lounge, so these plants the ability to expel the flies, the most famous of these plants Basil and Mint. Set a trap for the flies, a full glass of water with a little vinegar and some SOAP, and put him on the whereabouts of the flies, the flies will approach him and enters into the Cup, and then drops inside, preferably renew this trap once every two days, to get rid of flies. Use of frankincense or musk, it smoked at home, causing inconvenience for the flies, that smell, and kicked him out of the House, if you lit these materials with open doors and Windows to kick him out, you can use the Flycatcher simultaneously ignite frankincense or musk. [Icon type = "link" size = "28 ″ float =" right "color =" #045fbe "] read more: getting rid of flies ways to get rid of the bugs:-Brown bug bugs and flat, they feed by sucking blood, and may reside on family or bed, and activates the bugs at night and hiding by day, and resides in places of poor ventilation, causing bugs us itching due to its sting, and may cause severe, either way we get rid of bugs every few steps :-Make sure the Sun's entry into all corners of the House, as the Sun is the ability to eliminate many types of insects. Maintain the cleanliness of the House, wash the sheets and blankets with high temperature water, so as to eliminate the bugs on the brushes. You can use RAID, under the supervision of a specialist, to tell us the quantity that we can use, provided they ensure output of home from home, if we notice that the preparation of many bugs, and we can check it at night, because they are active at night, and do not use pesticides intended for other insects like mosquitoes, it doesn't come as a result of effective in eliminating bugs. After confirming the room cleanliness and neatness family, blankets and sheets, we can put some sticks of Basil near blankets and beds, and dried Basil can be put into muslin bags and placed in the rooms to flush out remaining bugs read also: get rid of bugs elimination methods

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