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sasas Apr 13
Cockroaches sleepless problem for lots of people. Her presence in the House causing distress and fear of contagion or contamination of food. Plus some people fear of cockroaches and insects and their disgust. Maths: How do I get rid of a cockroach in my house forever? Well, in this article I'll explain 15 tip to get rid of roaches completely. The continued application of these tips will ensure you a safe house of a cockroach and nuisance insects as well. Steps to get rid of cockroaches: 1. cockroaches grow in dirty places and not good hygiene, start by searching for anywhere in your home are not cleaned well, these places may include without limitation, behind cupboards, under beds and tables, spaces and hidden, humid places such as bathrooms and kitchens, shelves and cupboards that don't open. Confine these spaces and comprehensive drive cleaner. Don't forget to clean the utensils your addresses and collect scraps so they don't become a staple food for cockroaches. 2. many of us love to keep the old stuff, that's okay, these things remind us of the past and retrieve her beautiful days. But don't let these things pile up and become a haven for cockroaches, get rid of everything you don't need and try to arrange those things and constantly cleaned. -Ads-3 crickets don't generate out of nowhere! That's right, crickets entering your House from a lot of the holes, which may not even comprehend. Open Windows, doors, following doors, air vents. Put a wire on the Windows and doors that open, this wire will also help in preventing flies. Then fill the following sections with pieces of cloth, wood, especially at night. Close any open in your home may be a reason for entering the cockroaches out of nowhere. 4. get rid of the rubbish constantly House, don't leave the trash for more than a day without disposal, while rubbish at home, make sure they are in sealed basket well, don't let that be your garbage shelter for cockroaches and bugs and then be a springboard to the rest of the House. 5. do not allow roaches using your home as a refuge, cockroaches love using cracks and small holes, fill it all, for wall cracks you can use some plaster or cement to fill the slots, you can also use adhesives including duct tape to plug any holes in furniture or appliances can use roaches as a refuge. 6. forbid the crickets from the water, this method is very effective in eliminating cockroaches. A cockroach can live for a whole month without food, but he cannot live for more than one week without water. Repair any links you leaking water at home, do not leave any water spills, do not leave any exposed water pots, dry any water in the water cycle as much as possible, this way you deny roaches need so necessary for life, so either you die or to look for them somewhere else to live. 7.] put some mothballs balls around the House, roaches hate the smell. 8. [icon secure and affordable way traps to get rid of roaches if their number is not great, the idea of the trap to attract a cockroach with a lovely taste and aroma, and when he enters the cockroach trap is intercepted by adhesive, 100% safe that way and no harm from using it, but spend only small numbers of cockroaches and cannot be used to eliminate the eggs-one of the best ways to fight roaches, use toxic baits, consists of an attractive nourishing baits for cockroaches, a slow-acting poison inside, when fed on this cockroach Bait applies poison in his body and when he returns to his abode contact occurs between other crickets conveys her poison, too, thus spreading the poison little by little in a flock of cockroaches and eventually leads to their death. Place the poison baits in the places where the roaches and soon from her cage. This method takes several weeks to kill all roaches in full but very effective and safe manner. Take extreme caution when using this method in homes that live by small children or pets don't even reach baits them accidentally. Instead of using pesticides are expensive and unsafe to kill roaches directly, you can prepare a solution consisting of water and normal SOAP and put it into aerosol spray, this solution is sufficient to kill cockroaches of various sizes if sprayed directly. The solution to the lurking sabouni entered the respiratory tract and causes him choking in less than one minute, this a good way to kill roaches that you see before you a safe and inexpensive. 11 If you have to use pesticides for roaches, follow all the safety procedures listed on the packaging, in particular those relating to children and pets. Make sure not to touch your skin or your eyes or pesticide inhalation and be sure to ventilate the spaces being sprayed well before use. Be sure to carefully use execution,

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