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Isabel Marant oil base that gives

French Beauty Products Kibio Exfoliating Body ScrubKibio Gommage Exfoliant Corps (Exfoliating Body Scrub) is one of my favorite French beauty products. It's a natural and isabel marant shoes sale Certified Organic scrub made with Cranberry, Shea Butter and lemongrass. The cranberry salts remove dead skin cells and the grains smooth the skin. The shea butter (Karit) softens and moisturizes, and the Lemongrass essential oil refines dull skin, and smells absolutely yummy.

I use Kibio scrub twice a week in the shower with a gant de kessa / gant de gommage / gant de hammam (exfoliating glove), like the one shown, that I got from the hammam at the Paris mosque. At the hammam, they use it with Black soap (Savon noir), to deeply exfoliate the skin, but it works great with my Kibio scrub too. (So I guess I'm using some French Beauty secrets with a little Turkish thrown in.)

Kibio French beauty products are Certified Natural and organique, not tested on animals. Kibio makes a whole line of body products including Genital Shower Gel, Skin Body Milk, Radiance Moisturizing Cream, and Gentle Cleansing Lotion.

Anthelios and Bioderma SunscreensIf you know nothing else about French beauty products, you know that they make fantastic sunscreen with superhigh SPFs (50+). My favorite French sunscreen products for sun protection are Bioderma Sun Fluid for Sensitive Skin for the face (SPF 30), and the popular Anthelios sunscreen by La RochePosay, which I use so much that I bought two tubes of it to get me through the summer.

With physical sunscreens (mineral sunscreens containing titanium dioxide and zinc oxide), you have to apply them 15 minutes before sun exposure to allow them to bond, isabel marant sneakers and the physical barrier they form leaves a chalky white or gray film on the skin. But not with Anthelios! Because it's a chemical sunscreen made with Meroxyl, you can apply it right before you walk out the door. I sometimes throw it in my purse if I'm going out for the whole day so that I can apply more later. I use the lait (lotion), which goes in light and is easy to apply all over.tried some samples in the store. I have a couple bars in my bathroom right now, serving purely as decoration until I'm ready to use them.

The original Savon de Marseille "cube" soap is made from 100% natural ingredients and a olive oil or palm Isabel Marant oil base that gives it a very high oil content (72%), making it quite moisturizing.

Savon de Marseille soaps have no additives or other potential irritants. They make great gifts, and are wonderful French beauty products that you can pamper yourself with every day.

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